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Breach Bounce Back

We can help you bounce back from a breach so you can return to "business as usual" fast.

Rapid Onboarding - Single Contract - Simple Pricing

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Breaches suck, but we can help you minimize the chance of it occurring again.

We will get your organization back on its feet, stronger and more cyber resilient than ever.

Foundational Security Coverage

Everything, including a leading tech stack to ensure you stay resilient.

Simple pricing

Per user, per month. Seriously, that's it.

Real humans (not bots)

The crew at SolCyber are on hand, day and night.

Get started fast

We’re talking in days, not months.
Billy Gouveia
CEO, SureFire

"Firms only become resilient when they also invest in reducing the magnitude of a cyber incident by learning how to “take a punch” and keep fighting."

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Here are some hand-picked resources to give you more insight about how to make the right security decisions.

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