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Plus a 30% discount off your cyber insurance premiums.

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Not only can we help you get the green light for your cyber insurance application, but you'll also get a 30% discount on your premium. 

Breathe easy, knowing the combination of SolCyber Foundational Coverage and cyber insurance, via the SolCyber Insurance+ Program holistically tackles cyber risk.

Foundational Security Coverage

Everything, including a leading tech stack to ensure you stay resilient.

Simple pricing

Per user, per month. Seriously, that's it. 

Real humans (not bots)

The crew at SolCyber are on hand, day and night.

Get started fast

We’re talking in days, not months.
Anthony Dagostino
CEO, Converge

"While premiums are increasing to make up for inadequate pricing of the past, new ways to underwrite are emerging which could lead to better cyber risk management and a good way to incentivize better and more effective controls."

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