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Fortune 500 Cyber Security + Cyber Insurance Pre-Approval Without the Hefty Price Tag 

If the bad guys aren’t being discriminating against who they’re attacking, how can you settle for anything less than Fortune 500 level security?

In order to stop the bad guys, every business needs:

Ransomware Assessment 
and Training

Ensure your people and systems are prepared for an attack.

Email Protection

This is how the bad guys break in.

Endpoint Detection 
and Response

This is where they gain a foothold and burrow deeper into your environment.

Active Directory Abuse Prevention and Lateral Movement Detection

This is where they increase their privileges and move around your environment.

SOC Capability

This is how we piece together the information from all the tools and kick the attackers out.

Get in touch and let us take over the heavy lifting and get your business Fortune 500 cyber resilient fast.

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