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Switch on security as a service.

Experience a new and better way of protection.

Security shouldn’t be complicated, time-consuming, or costly. It should be as simple as turning on your favorite streaming service. With SolCyber it can be.

Guaranteed outcome – Subscription pricing – Running in days


What makes SolCyber different from everyone else?

We believe every organization is entitled to global Fortune 500 level cybersecurity, that’s easy and affordable.

With over 3500+ security vendors in the market, it’s overwhelming. 
The current model is broken because the burden is on your IT department to figure everything out.
Where are your security gaps?
What mix of solutions do you need?
What tools and services make you truly secure?
You then need to figure out how to make everything fit and work together.

 It doesn’t stop here as this is where the “fun” really starts, with multiple POCs, lengthy negotiations and procurement, followed by deployment and ongoing management. And security doesn’t remain static so there are always updates and upgrades needed.
The current model is outdated, so we’ve changed it.

SolCyber provides all our customers:


A guaranteed outcome 

We do all the heavy lifting, bringing Fortune 500 level protection to every business.
Our security is validated by an A+ AM Best rated cyber insurance provider.

Simple pricing 

We’re talking $57 per user, per month. No convoluted pricing tiers, pages of SKUs or lengthy negotiations.
A thumbs up from your CFO.

Up and running in days

We provide a curated stack of leading technologies, 24/7 SOC support, all delivered within 30 days.
Goodbye 18-month security transformation projects and multiple vendor POCs.

Breaches keep happening.

Getting a predictable outcome of effective protection shouldn't be complicated.

Who and how we help

From early-stage to high-growth, we can manage your cyber risk.
Private equity or VC, we can ensure your portfolio is secure.
Cyber Insurance
We can get you cyber insurance ready and save you money.
We can help you bounce back from a breach, so it doesn’t happen again.
Breach Prevention
Avoid getting phished, ransomed or breached by taking a preventative approach.
Level Up
Need help to level up your security from your current MSP?

Some lovely things people have been saying.

  • Jose Michelen
    Senior Partner Alpha, AFP Crecer, Seguros Crecer, Gam Capital

    “We were immediately impressed with SolCyber’s unique approach and how they’ve integrated a curated technology stack into their MSSP service. That combined with the company's 24X7 support made it an easy decision to work with SolCyber. We look forward to expanding our relationship to help meet the cybersecurity requirements of our organizations."

  • Wias Issa
    CEO, Ubiq Security
    "SolCyber has introduced a refined practicality in an industry that has grown far too complex. Their tech stack, solution, and team are sophisticated – yet accessible – which allows our company to focus our core resources on innovation and growth."
  • Ray Panahon
    SVP Technology, Blu Digital Group

    "SolCyber addressed a wide area of concern we had in establishing a robust security posture while quickly reducing operational risks. Their holistic approach allowed us to preserve precious engineering cycles allowing more focus on the really important things we’re working on."

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