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We're hyper focused on delivering effective cybersecurity solutions that prevent potential breaches before they become real headaches.

What’s going on in cybersecurity?

Many MSSPs like to paint a doom-and-gloom picture of cybersecurity. They make the cloud and your networks sound like a crime-ridden Gotham City before Batman came along, where threats are waiting for you around every corner.

But we think that’s a bit dramatic. Yes, cybercriminals are becoming increasingly cunning and have even had some significant wins over the years. But there are tactics and systems you can implement to protect your environment almost as well as Batman.

Unfortunately, building world-class security operations that keep companies safe from the world’s villains is out of reach for most. And that’s the real crime.

We’re here to shake things up!

We’re not going to pretend to be cyber superheroes who are fearlessly taking down adversaries hiding in the darkest recesses of the internet.

We rarely wear suits let alone capes. We’re simply cybersecurity professionals who know their stuff and want to help you get the protection you deserve.

Say hello to the modern MSSP.

We believe cybersecurity should make you resilient but it shouldn’t be difficult, convoluted or costly, which is why we founded SolCyber, a ForgePoint company.

Though SolCyber is new to the market, our team is not. We’ve been playing and winning the game for a while and we’d like to help you properly defend your organization from threats without the sticker shock.

Leadership Team

Scott McCrady
Scott McCrady
If there’s one thing Scott knows well, it’s Managed Security Services. He’s lived and breathed cybersecurity for more than 25 years; and his understanding of what makes a successful MSSP is showcased by some of his previous roles, such as running the global MSSP business at Symantec and FireEye.
David Emerson
David Emerson
What better way to understand the pains of a customer than having been one ourselves? David not only brings a trove of technical knowledge around applications, systems and processes but has been in your shoes as both CIO and CISO for most of his senior career at Cyxtera, Appgateand Liquidity Service. Of course, we constantly solicit feedback from actual customers, but if David can’t relate, it’s probably not a good idea.
John London
John London
Watching the pennies matters, and John has 37 years under his belt making sure service organizations deliver value. Having worked for professional services, SaaS organizations and other high-growth companies, John brings a wealth of knowledge on how to keep SolCyber leanand efficient.
Charles Ho
Charles Ho
Head of Product Management

Board of Directors

General (Ret.) Keith Alexander

Technology Partners

Press Releases

Area 1 Security and SolCyber Partner to Deliver the Only Managed Preemptive Cloud Email Security to the Midmarket

October 21, 2021

Former NSA Chief GEN (Ret.) Keith Alexander Joins SolCyber’s Board of Directors

September 1, 2021

SolCyber Launches Modern MSSP with $20 Million in Series A Funding Led by ForgePoint Capital

July 30, 2021


At SolCyber, we want people who give a damn, are inherently polite, are willing to tackle any problem and want to be part of something that’s, frankly, not the norm.

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