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SolCyber Insurance+ Program

Easy Process. Meaningful Coverage. Massive Savings.

Looking for cyber insurance, but finding the application and approvals process difficult to navigate? Perhaps it’s getting tougher to stomach the skyrocketing cost of cyber insurance premiums? 

With SolCyber, not only can we fast-track the application and approvals process, but our customers are also eligible for up to a 30% premium discount.

How is this possible? SolCyber Foundational Coverage provides the essential controls to be cyber resilient. In other words, it’s like proving you have great safety and crash avoidance systems in your car in combination with a pristine driving record. 

Sleep better at night knowing the combination of SolCyber and cyber insurance holistically tackles cyber risk.

Take our 3-minute quiz to find out your cyber risk score and find out what the chances of getting cyber insurance are.

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Program Details

Coverage Overview

Read about all the inclusions, discounts and benefits as part of the to SolCyber Insurance+ Program.

Program Requirements

Understand what’s needed to qualify for the SolCyber Insurance+ Program.


We’ve put together some Frequently Asked Questions to help provide more guidance.

How do I get a quote? 

We have partnered with Converge, a cyber insurance administrator, to help you with cyber insurance coverage. This coverage is currently only available in the U.S. 

Converge is excited to work with you and your broker to streamline the cyber insurance application, underwriting evaluation, and quote process. As part of the insurance submission, Converge will confirm SolCyber Foundational Coverage, assist in the application process, and review existing coverage terms, if applicable.

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