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Find where to start on your security journey with us!

Every organization, big or small, deals with the constant risk of cyber attacks. Our aim is to understand where you're at with your cybersecurity and help you strengthen your defenses in a way that suits you best.
Whether you're just starting out or you've been around the block,
cyber threats don't play favorites. We get that each company has its own cybersecurity path, depending on resources, know-how, and budget, but similar to a journey—we've pinpointed three key stages that many organizations hit as they grow and mature.


1. From Scratch

Starting or restarting your security journey? Building a robust cybersecurity program is no small feat, and you might be grappling with:
The need for operational expertise and resources to effectively configure, integrate, and run cybersecurity tools.
Ongoing efforts to keep your program current with evolving threats and technological advancements.
Meeting new SEC requirements for listed companies or upcoming CMMC compliance.
Feeling overwhelmed and seeking a straightforward solution — "easy button".
If you're looking to skip to the finish line, our Foundational Coverage™ provides comprehensive cybersecurity through a convenient monthly subscription. It's the go-to for all our customers eventually.

2. Scaling Up

Navigating your cybersecurity journey with various technologies and an MSP, you might still be uncertain about your ability to detect and respond to threats, especially in the wee hours. Common challenges include:
Investing in an EDR system without 24/7 oversight and response capabilities.
Dealing with a provider that doesn't take ownership, deflecting tasks to your team.
Worries about limited visibility beyond malware, like potential credential abuse.
Operating on a tight budget, seeking tangible, incremental security upgrades.
Meet our MDR++™ service, featuring re-imagined identity-first security log monitoring and full human response. Over 95% of incidents we detect get resolved by our team without bothering you. It's an excellent starting point, providing genuine response capabilities to ease the load on your team.

3. Overburdened

Despite investing in numerous tools and attempting to centralize visibility through a SIEM or an MSSP, your security posture isn't improving, and it's piling up work for your team. Key challenges include:
Outdated rules and reporting in your SIEM, despite collecting logs.
Uncertainty about deriving actionable insights from collected data.
MSSP noise overwhelming your team.
The need for 24x7 monitoring and zero visibility into identity-based threats.
Enter our Security Monitoring (MSSP services), collaborating with you to streamline logs with a keen focus on identity. This approach not only saves storage significantly but also generates actionable alerts. While we recommend starting with MDR++, our Security Monitoring service offers a massive improvement over traditional MSSP or SIEM solutions for a better overall experience.
If none of these situations sounds like what you're experiencing, we'd like to hear about it. Feel free to drop us a line for a free consultation with one of our security engineers.

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