SolCyber Rated in the Top 10 Hottest Cybersecurity Startups

A very different approach, from a very different MSSP

Incredible Value - Approachable Humans - Amazing Security

Attackers don't discriminate...

Here’s the reality: Whether your business is large or small, hackers use the same advanced techniques on everyone.

Real security is confusing 

Even if you live and breathe security, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest threats, terms and technologies out there.

It’s hard to feel confident

How do you know you’ve chosen the right coverage when attackers are getting smarter and constantly changing their tactics?

Security is expensive

You don’t have an infinite budget to buy every new security tool, and trade-offs leave gaps the bad guys can exploit.


What makes SolCyber different from the thousands of other MSSPs?


Incredible value

Better security shouldn’t cost more. Pay for the capabilities that protect you from real threats and don’t overspend on stuff that doesn’t.

Approachable humans

We’re your partners in (stopping) crime. Think more coffee buddies, less stuffy consultants.

Amazing security

When it comes to security, there is no grey area. The bad guys either get in or they don’t. You need comprehensive coverage to handle attackers as they target, land and navigate in your environment.

Breaches keep happening.

Getting the right protection shouldn't be complicated.

Some lovely things people have been saying.

  • Jose Michelen
    Senior Partner Alpha, AFP Crecer, Seguros Crecer, Gam Capital

    “We were immediately impressed with SolCyber’s unique approach and how they’ve integrated a curated technology stack into their MSSP service. That combined with the company's 24X7 support made it an easy decision to work with SolCyber. We look forward to expanding our relationship to help meet the cybersecurity requirements of our organizations."

  • Wias Isa
    CEO, Ubiq Security
    "SolCyber has introduced a refined practicality in an industry that has grown far too complex. Their tech stack, solution, and team are sophisticated – yet accessible – which allows our company to focus our core resources on innovation and growth."

Are we the right fit for you?
Consider these scenarios...

You already have an MSP but you’re looking for expertise to supercharge your security.
Your spidey senses are tingling because you feel the bad guys are getting through without you knowing about it. 
You’re thinking about adding a SOC-as-a-Service, XDR, MDR, and aren’t sure how these will help your business (let alone what the differences are).
You've been breached and you need to get up and running fast to prevent this from happening again. 
You’re overwhelmed by the number of security options available and bamboozled by what kind of coverage you need.
You’re managing too many vendors and are not sure what’s really working.

If you said “yes” to ANY of the above, stop talking to yourself and start talking to us.

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