Foundational Coverage


Foundational Coverage provides true
end-to-end protection

Foundational Coverage:
Proactive vs Reactive

During peacetime, the military doesn't just sit around waiting for an attack.
They proactively dig ditches, secure supplies, ensure equipment is operational, and improve training.
So, why settle for a security provider that only engages when something bad happens? 
Many years of experience has taught us that most providers are inadequate in thwarting bad actors; they merely generate noisy alerts and offer little assistance during downtime.

With us, expect proactive support and continuous efforts to safeguard your security, making downtime productive and secure.

Security Operations Center

Our SOC is there beyond just detecting and responding to threats. AI helps to create more scale and efficiency, but humans are at the heart of our approach
Human-owned detection and response
Human-optimized capability
Engaged to proactively improve your security posture

Proactive Posture Improvement

Annual ransomware assessment
Semi-annual AD assessment and hardening
Phishing simulations and training to level-up your staff
Track and report on critical, exploitable and patchable vulnerabilities monthly

Malware Detection & Response

Detect and respond to malware whether the user is at the office or at home
Our SOC analysts own each incident and response via the endpoint until it’s resolved

Non-Malware Detection & Response

What happens when a threat doesn’t contain any malware or malicious code? Attackers have adapted quickly and often leverage legitimate credentials and tools to carry out their mission.
For such cases, we developed strategies:
Advanced user behavioral analysts to identify abuse
Profile email behavior to stop BEC and other types of email fraud
All reported incidents contain user info and not IPs

Beyond Detection and Response

Optimal Tools

Tools don’t keep you safe, it’s how they’re operationalized along with your other controls. However, tools are still an essential piece. Ours are curated to:
Minimize coverage gaps
Maintained to run optimally
Evaluated, deprecated and replaced with better tools continuously

A+ Tech Stack

Our tech stack is designed to work together to keep you protected:
Built from the ground up with the modern workplace in mind including work from home – no firewalls needed here 
Relentless focus on identity to stop credential abuse and non-malware-based threats
Diverse set of vendors to maximize efficacy 


We provide everything as a fully managed solution from remote implementation to on-going maintenance to best practice policies.


Our curated tech stack is continuously updated as threats and technology changes.

Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

If you have existing security investments but want to continue to own and manage? No problem! We’ll integrate the telemetry into our platform for analysis just like the tech we provide. Moreover, we’ll back out the management costs so it’s win-win.

Value Outside 

SolCyber Insurance+ Program

All our capabilities are aligned to insurer needs - practical controls that are proven to quantitatively reduce risk
Don’t trust our word, our program subscription is validated by a global leading insurer
All Foundational Coverage customers get up to 30% discount off their policy

Compliance Readiness

We do so much beyond detection and response that it helps with a large chunk of most compliance frameworks
Not everybody is a SaaS company, but everyone has a digital footprint. We’ll help you gain more assurance from your customers with SOC2 readiness
All our controls are documented and ready for audit
We even have a list of recommended auditors if you need it formalized

No-Nonsense Approach


Bespoke onboarding gets the program fully up and running in 30 days
Blocking policy on day 1
5-10 min remedial trainings and monthly live online sessions that drastically improve retained knowledge for your staff
Human-led approach with AI to make them effective


An extension of your team is only valuable if you can talk to the right people with the right knowledge
Never talk to a helpdesk or chatbot 
Direct access to level 2/3 analysts or other domain experts like AD or compliance
Practical unlimited access — we had to put a limit just to prevent abuse

All-Inclusive Subscription Pricing

Everything you need

Scaling priced per user
Covers laptops, workstations and even servers
Includes everything needed to stay safe, even licenses!
No additional fees for new or updated technology associated with the Foundational Coverage service
If you have existing tech you’d like to continue to own and manage, we’ll back out those costs and integrate the telemetry.

Our Partners

We collaborate with leading companies in endpoint detection and response, advanced email protection, ransomware assessment and training, practical vulnerability management, and much more.
Ransomware Assessment and Training
Advanced Email Protection
Endpoint Detection and Response
Endpoint Detection and Response
User Behavioral 

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