Case Studies

Case Studies

Read about how we help clients achieve strong cyber resilience and peace of mind.

Fortifying Precision: A Rapid Cybersecurity Transformation

Challenge: When a global leader in precision movement components faced a cyber breach due to a successful phishing attempt, the incident served as a wakeup call, prompting them to reevaluate their cybersecurity posture. Recognizing the critical need for enhanced security measures, the company took proactive steps to address vulnerabilities after remediating the breach with SureFire, […]

HR Technology

Empowering a HR Tech Company with a Scalable Security Program

Challenge: The leadership of a global HR technology company recognized the urgency of enhancing their cybersecurity in response to heightened concerns about threat activity. Operating in more than 25 countries, they needed a mature security posture. To achieve this, they hired their first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with the ambitious goal of implementing a […]

Industrial Services

Streamlining Industrial Services Company Security: Zero Additional Spend

Challenge: A large industrial services company in Georgia faced a common cybersecurity dilemma – they had numerous cyber technologies in place but lacked confidence in their true level of protection. Over time, they kept adding new technologies to their existing stack, all promising increased security and peace of mind. After conducting an audit, the CIO […]


Strengthening Security Infrastructure for a Luxury Resort Brand

Challenge: A well-known luxury resort brand, renowned for its commitment to exceptional customer experiences and high-quality vacations, faced a significant challenge when one of its subsidiaries experienced a breach. The company operates multiple properties lobally, each utilizing different technologies and maintaining independent, secure networks. However, the breach not only affected the subsidiary but also caused […]


Helping a FinTech Startup Safeguard their Business and Reputation

Challenges: One of the largest issuers of crypto exchange traded products (ETPs) faced significant challenges in securing their assets and reputation as they rapidly grew in the high-risk sector of cryptocurrency investing. With over $1 billion in assets under management and managing over 40 types of ETPs across 12 exchanges, their team was under pressure […]


SolCyber Helps Venture Capital Firm Strengthen Cybersecurity Across Multiple Locations

Challenge: A Menlo Park venture capital firm investing in early-stage companies with over 80 companies in their portfolio faced cybersecurity challenges due to the absence of a dedicated in-house person managing IT security. The team of 30 employees was located across multiple locations, including remote workers, which made it difficult to ensure that all workers […]


Healthcare Start-Up Secures Customer Data in Under 30 Days

Challenges: A healthcare start-up providing remote patient care across the U.S. needed to implement a complete cybersecurity program in under 30 days to better secure customer data after a client inquiry. The issue they ran into was finding cybersecurity talent in the competitive US East Coast market – not only was talent scarce, but it […]


Empowering a Start-Up Energy Company with Unmatched Cybersecurity

Challenge: A dynamic start-up energy company with 600 employees approached us with a pressing need – to fortify their cybersecurity and meet the expectations of their Board of Directors and investors. The CEO was given a hard deadline for the upgrade by the end of the year. However, with limited resources, the CTO tasked one […]


SolCyber helps growth-stage cybersecurity startup Ubiq strengthen their security posture and efficiently report on security to their board

The client: Ubiq is a growth-stage cybersecurity startup that enables engineering and security teams to integrate client-side encryption directly into their applications via APIs in minutes, mitigating their breach and data theft risk. The situation: Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly prevalent, with small and midsize businesses being targeted on a regular basis. The attacks are increasing […]

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