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Healthcare Start-Up Secures Customer Data in Under 30 Days

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CHALLENGES: A healthcare start-up providing remote patient care across the U.S. needed to implement a complete cybersecurity program in under 30 days to better secure customer data after a client inquiry. The issue they ran into was finding cybersecurity talent in the competitive US East Coast market – not only was talent scarce, but it was incredibly expensive.

Challenges faced by the healthcare start-up included:

  • Minimal Security Measures: Cybersecurity was not a high priority until they received the client inquiry.
  • Tight Deadline: The company had to implement a cybersecurity program in under 30 days to win a multimillion-dollar deal.
  • Lack of In-house Expertise: Hiring a cybersecurity expert was not feasible from both talent and cost perspective.

SOLUTION: Working with the COO and CEO, SolCyber implemented a comprehensive cybersecurity program that met HIPAA regulations to protect sensitive customer health information. Our Foundational Coverage solution provided a leading technology stack and 24/7 SOC support that upleveled the start-up’s cybersecurity posture quickly and comprehensively.

OUTCOME: The SolCyber team successfully assisted the healthcare start-up in fulfilling their urgent cybersecurity needs by implementing a program that secured customer data in less than 30 days while ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations. Given the challenging market conditions, opting for an MSSP partner proved to be the most feasible solution. Ultimately, our cybersecurity program significantly improved the start-up’s cybersecurity posture, providing comprehensive protection for their customers’ data and reducing their overall business risk.

Download Case Study

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