Pricing Made Simple

No silver, gold or platinum tiers to see here. We provide you with a minimum effective dose to ensure your organization and people are kept secure.

SolCyber Foundational Coverage


Ransomware assessment and training
Advanced email protection
Endpoint detection and response
Active directory abuse prevention and lateral movement detection
SOC capability
Dedicated Crew
Monthly Briefings
Executive Board
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Extended Coverage

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We understand that not every businesses has identical needs, and some environments might need just that bit of additional coverage
Includes everything in Foundational Coverage plus:
Cloud Protection and Visibility
Community | Vertical Protection
Frictionless Identity Based MFA
Other Security Logs
Security Consulting

Build vs Buy?

It’s very common for businesses to think it might just be easier, faster and less expensive to build their own security capability in-house. Here are a few points to note if this is what you’re thinking…. And perhaps partnering with SolCyber might be the better option.

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