Security Monitoring


Security Monitoring — advanced analytics in simple pricing

Reimagined MSSP Services

If you have an existing MSSP service but want to get onto the path of SolCyber subscription, our security monitoring service program provides a significantly better experience than your current log monitoring service. What you get:

1 year log retention

We’ll advise on which logs to send over to maximize your detection efficacy.

Actionable Alerts

Our analytics tie alerts to users rather then IPs or hostnames to provide more context enabling a faster and more accurate response.

Over 500 technologies

We take in all security related telemetry no matter the technology.

User behavioral analytics

Advanced analytics including user behavioral analytics to highlight non-malware attacks such as insider risk or credential abuse.

Priced in buckets of 50 EPS

To keep costs low we send the highest security value logs and filter out noise.

Prevent Unknown Attacks

Our analytics platform not only includes a comprehensive set of IOCs to identify known threats but includes advance analytics to find unknown attacks.

Comprehensive set of IOCs and advanced analytics finds any threats — known or unknown

Just note that Security Monitoring doesn’t include any response, 
so we can’t help you fix anything.

We recommend looking at our SolCyber MDR++ which includes security monitoring along with full response and a world-class leading endpoint.

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