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Every good deed gets rewarded

If you know anyone that might benefit from SolCyber – we’d love for you to participate in our Refer-a-Peer Program. It's super simple!

Invite a peer to speak to us on a 20-minute introductory phone call and you’ll both get rewarded!

Once the call is done, you and peer will each receive a US$100 Amazon Gift Voucher.


If they sign-up for SolCyber Foundational Services, they’ll get up to three months' free subscription; and you’ll get a US$500 Amazon Gift Voucher.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is for US-based companies only.
Company size must be a minimum of 40 employees.
Contacts must be US-based.
Contacts must have a verifiable LinkedIn profile and provide a business email address.
Referred "Peer" must have an IT-security-related role.
Referred "Peer" must not be from the same organization.
For receipt of the gift vouchers, a call must take place and it is up to the discretion of SolCyber to determine contact and call legitimacy.
Minimum Foundational Coverage subscription is 12-months.
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