XDR++ provides the “must-have” trifecta of cybersecurity

XDR++: Coverage of EDR, email and security awareness training

Not every business can immediately opt for a full security program subscription with our Foundational Coverage service. We want to meet you where you are and get you to where you want to be.

No matter if it’s driven by supply chains, compliance or insurance, there is a baseline of security that’s become almost mandatory. SolCyber’s XDR++ provides coverage of EDR, email and security awareness training — the security trifecta — as a pre-packaged solution to enable this for any business.

SolCyber XDR++ Inclusions

Human-Led Response

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) lies at the heart of our services, delivering unparalleled threat detection and response. Unlike other service providers' SOCs, our SOC exclusively comprises Level 2+ analysts, leading all response efforts. It leads to reduced false positives and enables us to take precise actions to contain attacks.
While we leverage AI and automation to enhance efficiency, our analysts remain at the forefront, ensuring effective responses.

Expertise On-Demand

Never talk to a helpdesk or chatbot — we value your time. Every customer is assigned a named crew including a customer success manager and analyst that knows you and your environment.
Reach out any time if you have questions about a current or past security incident. XDR++ customers also have access to advisory services for general security queries, such as assistance with an audit or 3rd party risk assessment.

Active Directory Assessment

Whether it’s on-premise AD or EntraID or a hybrid environment, your directory holds the key to the kingdom.
An annual assessment helps to minimize the attack surface and drastically reduces the risks of identity abuse. Your crew will make practical recommendations with the biggest security impact to improve your posture over time.

Program Flexibility

Looking to acquire, expand your business, or take your company public?
As your risk profile changes and new compliance regulations emerge, or as budgets open up to allow for stronger risk mitigation, you can effortlessly upgrade from XDR++ to our comprehensive Foundational Coverage, ensuring a smooth transition to a full security program.
The transition is even easier with XDR++ as it’s priced per user like Foundational Coverage.

Cover Your Essentials

Our “Trifecta” of security covers your biggest areas of risk: endpoint, email and people. Over 90% of attacks start with a phishing email with the intent to trick your users.
XDR++ includes both advanced email protection as well as phishing training for all your staff. The advanced email solution not only provides significantly better coverage of malicious attachment and links from O365 or Gmail but also helps protect against email fraud that doesn't involve malware at all. To reduce human risk, your crew will conduct customized phishing simulations quarterly with integrated remedial training.

Bundled Market Leading EDR

The price doesn’t just include our services, but also licensing for the market leading for CrowdStrike or SentinelOne. We will assist you in deploying and remotely managing it, ensuring not only the protection of your systems but also enabling our SOC to respond securely to threats as they occur. Our team knows them so well that a blocking policy is enabled on day 1.

User Based Pricing

We drastically reduce the complexity of predicting costs by consolidating all costs to a simple per user model. The per user pricing includes an extra 25% coverage which enables you to deploy Crowdstrike or SentinelOne to all laptops or servers or even cloud endpoints no matter how they’re distributed.

Our Partners

We collaborate with leading companies in endpoint detection and response, advanced email protection, ransomware assessment and training, practical vulnerability management, and much more.
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