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Not Your Standard Customer Portal – It’s actually GOOD.

Usable Security Insights - Investment Transparency - Reporting Ready

Finally, a customer security portal experience that’s up to modern standards.

It’s built for both the tech folks and the business leaders who pay the bills. You’ll get an understanding of the threats targeting your organization, how your security controls are stacking up and what you can do to improve. 

From the same portal, we’ll show you in real dollars how those threats translate to financial risk along with your SolCyber subscription details.

The SolCyber customer portal brings real-time visibility across your entire managed security experience.

Customer can access all the information in a single place they need to extract all the information and insights required to feel their organization is being actively protected.

What makes our portal different?

We provide information on all the “need to know” areas and keep all the “noise” down.
We help you better understand your security posture not just in terms of threats but real dollars.
We help you get better all the time.
We’ve built a portal that looks nice... not by our engineers... it’s so intuitive you can screenshot the dashboard for your next board meeting or leadership summit.
We provide front page contract visibility, so you know what you’ve signed up for and what you’re using.

Preview the portal experience here

Executive Dashboard – This shows your current security posture and topmost ways to immediately improve. Green is good, and red means SolCyber is actively working on it.
Environmental Dashboard: A summary of all the technologies implemented by SolCyber; including the coverage and how well they are working.
Email Quarantine: Shows the # of emails quarantined. If something looks odd, you’ll know to act immediately.
Business Plan Dashboard: Visibility into your SolCyber subscription and usage.
Financial Risk Dashboard: Shows industry averaged data that indicates how much would it cost your company if there was a successful ransomware attack, BEC or data breach.
Personal Code: Ensures only authorized users can make requests on behalf of your company. Someone makes a high risk request? Code please.

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