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Empowering a HR Tech Company with a Scalable Security Program

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CHALLENGE: The leadership of a global HR technology company recognized the urgency of enhancing their cybersecurity in response to heightened concerns about threat activity. Operating in more than 25 countries, they needed a mature security posture. To achieve this, they hired their first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with the ambitious goal of implementing a complete cybersecurity program within 120 days.

The CISO, like many others, faced tight budget constraints and couldn’t hire additional talent, a common challenge for cybersecurity leaders. Despite these limitations, the CISO sought a robust and scalable solution with a 24/7 SOC team for ISO compliance. With the company expecting significant growth in the next few years, finding a solution that would grow with them was crucial.

Additionally, the solution needed to be dynamic, as the security team had little time to evaluate new vendors and technologies continuously. Their primary focus was securing client-facing applications and fostering business growth.

SOLUTION: SolCyber’s Foundational Coverage perfectly addressed all the CISO’s requirements. Our 24/7 SOC team provided round-the-clock protection and ensured ISO compliance. The CISO was familiar with the technologies in our stack and knew they delivered Fortune 100-grade security, making them dependable tools.

By entrusting SolCyber to handle the cybersecurity essentials, his team could focus on more significant matters, such as growing the business and developing customer-facing applications. Hiring new information security talent and dealing with the associated expenses were unnecessary.

Additionally, the CISO appreciated the flexibility of paying for SolCyber monthly, avoiding the need for an annual capital expenditure.

OUTCOME: Partnering with SolCyber enabled our customer to implement a comprehensive security program swiftly and effectively. With our Foundational Coverage, they avoided the hassle of piecing together various tools and hiring additional talent.
We helped them achieve ISO compliance and delivered a solution ready to grow with their expanding needs.

Download Case Study

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