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SolCyber Helps Venture Capital Firm Strengthen Cybersecurity Across Multiple Locations

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CHALLENGE: A Menlo Park venture capital firm investing in early-stage companies with over 80 companies in their portfolio faced cybersecurity challenges due to the absence of a dedicated in-house person managing IT security. The team of 30 employees was located across multiple locations, including remote workers, which made it difficult to ensure that all workers were protected from cyber threats. They needed to level up their cybersecurity to protect their IP and assets and ensure the safety of their confidential portfolio and customer data.

SOLUTION: The corporate venture capital firm found SolCyber to be the right fit for their needs as they provided a unique way to take away all the heavy-lifting and help businesses build up their cyber resilience quickly. SolCyber’s Foundational Coverage provided them with all technology, simple pricing, and 24/7 support, ensuring that they could get up and running fast. The SolCyber approach appealed to the firm as it required no resources, expertise, or time to be invested by the firm in the process.

OUTCOME: Since onboarding with SolCyber, the corporate venture capital firm has been impressed by the induction process and ease of working with their knowledgeable customer service team. They now have confidence that their highly confidential portfolio and customer data is protected across their multiple locations and remote worker environment. By partnering with SolCyber, the corporate venture capital firm can now focus on their core business, invest in early-stage companies, and be assured that their cybersecurity is in good hands.

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