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Empowering a Start-Up Energy Company with Unmatched Cybersecurity

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Challenge: A dynamic start-up energy company with 600 employees approached us with a pressing need - to fortify their cybersecurity and meet the expectations of their Board of Directors and investors. The CEO was given a hard deadline for the upgrade by the end of the year. However, with limited resources, the CTO tasked one of their IT directors to navigate the complex and overwhelming cybersecurity market to find the right solution.

Solution: We offered a seamless and comprehensive solution to address the company’s challenges, eliminating the need for talent acquisition and program management. Our solution offered a one-stop-shop, freeing the company from the hassle of evaluating countless cybersecurity solutions, working with multiple vendors, and hiring a full-time employee to manage the security program. We also recognized that 25% of the workforce relied solely on iPads in the field, so we went the extra mile to provide just the necessary protection for this sub-set of employees.

Outcome: The cost analysis was in favor of SolCyber, as we proved to be faster and more cost-effective than the competitive alternatives. By choosing us as their partner, the company avoided the pain of sourcing multiple technology vendors and finding an MSSP to manage them. They can also scale up effortlessly as they continue to bring on more staff, without having to add seats and negotiate licenses for each technology. The CTO and CEO were impressed by our comprehensive controls across the kill-chain, aligning with the expectations set by their Board of Directors. They appreciated the ease, simplicity, and affordability of working with a single partner who provided 24/7 support and ensured cyber resilience for their organization.

Download Case Study

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