Fast-Track Your Cyber Insurance

De-risk your business through a combination of cybersecurity and cyber insurance.

SolCyber has partnered with Corvus

To provide access to amazing cybersecurity coupled with comprehensive cyber insurance EASY. In one fell swoop, what was once painful and arduous is no longer! It’s like your favorite streaming service, entertainment in a single click without worrying about how it works or the underlying infrastructure. That’s SolCyber, all the pieces you need to be secure, in a single package.

You can de-risk your business from cyber threats and potential breaches by signing up with our Foundational Coverage. This will greenlight your application for cyber insurance with Corvus, and they’ll ensure you get the best policy, at the best rate.

Our Foundational Coverage brings Fortune 500 level cybersecurity and a predictable outcome to any business – protecting you across the entire kill-chain. This includes a curated stack of leading technology coupled with 24/7 detection and response through a simple per user subscription.

Deployment starts immediately and you will be fully up and running in under 30 days, which may prompt a double-take, but yes, it’s because we’ve done all the legwork to streamline the way managed security should be.

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