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Unsure about your MSP’s security capability? Don’t take chances.

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Does your MSP provide more than just an endpoint? The truth is, security services are only as good as the tech and their coverage. We bring a curated stack that just works and is great value.

We're happy to work alongside your MSP to ensure that you receive the same level of security a Fortune 100 company has access to. 

Foundational Security Coverage

Everything, including a leading tech stack to ensure you stay resilient.

Simple pricing

Per user, per month. Seriously, that's it. 

Real humans (not bots)

The crew at SolCyber are on hand, day and night.

Get started fast

We’re talking in days, not months.
Jose Michelen
Senior Partner Alpha, AFP Crecer, Seguros Crecer, Gam Capital

"We were immediately impressed with SolCyber’s unique approach and how they’ve integrated a curated technology stack into their MSSP service. That combined with the company's 24X7 support made it an easy decision to work with SolCyber. We look forward to expanding our relationship to help meet the cybersecurity requirements of our organizations."

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Here are some hand-picked resources to give you more insight about how to make the right security decisions.

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