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Security for Startups

Just because you are not a unicorn (yet), shouldn't mean you don't deserve the best cybersecurity.

Incredible Security - Rapid Onboarding - Affordable

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At every phase of your exciting journey towards greatness, we’ll have you covered.

We understand you're busy building, hiring and bringing on new customers, but don't let cyber debt creep in. We'll take it off your plate and ensure you're cyber resilient, every step of the way. 

Foundational Security Coverage

Everything, including a leading tech stack to ensure you stay resilient.

Simple pricing

Per user, per month. Seriously, that's it. 

Real humans (not bots)

The crew at SolCyber are on hand, day and night.

Get started fast

We’re talking in days, not months.
Wias Issa
CEO, Ubiq Security

"SolCyber has introduced a refined practicality in an industry that has grown far too complex. Their tech stack, solution, and team are sophisticated – yet accessible – which allows our company to focus our core resources on innovation and growth."

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Here are some hand-picked resources to give you more insight about how to make the right security decisions.


Case Studies

SolCyber helps growth-stage cybersecurity startup Ubiq strengthen their security posture and efficiently report on security to their board


20 Years of MSSPs: What’s Broken and What SMEs Need Today

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