Not your average MSSP: the SolCyber Difference

Not your average MSSP: the SolCyber Difference

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Since networks have existed, Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) have been taking over and monitoring security investments, offering several tiers of service to their customers.  With the rapid explosion of cyber threats, businesses that can’t afford the “platinum” coverage—we’re looking at you small and midsized businesses—are left wondering if their “basic” coverage will hold up against today’s sophisticated attackers. 

At SolCyber, we don’t believe in “gold” or “platinum” coverage. We live in a new binary world…you’re either protected or you’re not. You get breached or you don’t. It’s as simple as that. We also understand that if you’re hiring an MSSP, you’re looking for them to advise you on all things security—not the other way around. So, we do things a little differently.

We’re a modern MSSP that provides amazing people and technology at an incredible value: in a way that makes things easy for you. Let’s start with the main course—the technology. 

Foundational coverage that just works

MSPs provide IT technology but lack security expertise. MSSPs are experts in security but expect you to BYO Technology. Either way, you’re left with half a solution. We think that’s silly. We supply the technology and services you need to enable a resilient security posture. 

We know you don’t have the time to research each of the 3,500+ security vendors to find the right combination of tools to protect your business. So, we do that for you. We partner with a diverse network of security vendors and curate a tech stack for your business. The combination of technologies covers the entire kill chain with sufficient overlap early in the chain where detection is most crucial – if one technology misses it, another will pick up the slack.

Our foundational tech stack includes advanced email, endpoint, active directory abuse and lateral movement detection which enables visibility into where the bad guys get in, escalate privileges, map your environment, and gain access to more systems. 

From there, depending on the complexity of your environment, you can add on things like cloud visibility or mobile protection if you store significant amounts of data in those locations. In either case, we help you figure out what you need and what you don’t because we don’t believe in paying for excess.

We’ll make the hard choices for you, but you can still BYO Tech

Outsourcing your security efforts to another company shouldn’t mean more work for you. It should be less work…that’s the reason you outsourced it. Unfortunately, that’s not often the case. MSSPs put the onus on companies to decide what level of coverage they need and how to change that coverage as the company grows. When concerned about holes in their armor, companies continue to add on products and the cost of protection is compounded.

With SolCyber’s foundational coverage tech stack, all of those decisions go out the window. There’s one option and once you buy it, you’re covered. And by “covered,” we don’t mean you get basic coverage that may or may not protect against all threats. We mean covered covered. Buy our foundational offering and you get full protection without the hefty price tag. But we also understand you may have already bought some great tech. If so, we can work with you to include that in the service. We support more than 150 technologies natively. 

We also know you have many contracts and invoices to manage, and we don’t want to make things more complicated than they need to be. We take a modern approach and use a per-user pricing model. Simple as that. 

Work with people you like

When you partner with SolCyber, we don’t take that word lightly. You’ll be assigned a dedicated crew of what we term “approachable humans,” who gets to know you and your business. With an intimate knowledge of your environment and deep expertise on the curated stack, they can reduce false positives and make decisions on your behalf, so you’re only receiving truly actionable alerts.  

You’ll receive regular briefings on the state of your security, so you never feel like you’re left in the dark. Between briefings, if you have a question, you should never hesitate to ask. We’re here to answer questions, not pester you with them. 

So, is SolCyber the right fit for you? Let’s find out. Take the short quiz on our homepage. If things feel right, let’s talk.

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Scott McCrady
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Table of contents:

The world doesn’t need another traditional MSSP 
or MDR or XDR.

What it requires is practicality and reason.

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The world doesn’t need another traditional MSSP or MDR or XDR.
What it requires is practicality and reason.

And security that won’t let you down. It's time to put an end to the cyber insanity once and for all.
No more paying for useless bells and whistles.
No more time wasted on endless security alerts.
No more juggling multiple technologies and contracts.

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