SolCyber Announces Launch of MDR++ Service to Provide a Fast Start Towards Greater Cyber Resilience

SolCyber Announces Launch of MDR++ Service to Provide a Fast Start Towards Greater Cyber Resilience

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[Dallas, TX] – SolCyber, a premier provider of managed cybersecurity services, is thrilled to announce the launch of its service, SolCyber MDR++. Designed to give businesses a rapid start towards greater cyber resilience, SolCyber MDR++ offers a simplified yet comprehensive approach to initiating security programs.

“Not every business can immediately opt for a full security program subscription with our Foundational Coverage service,” said Scott McCrady, CEO of SolCyber. “With SolCyber MDR++, we aim to meet businesses where they are and propel them forward in their security journey. Our service extends beyond traditional MDR offerings, with an identity-first approach that helps fortify directory services and identifies credential abuse. User behavioral analysis is critical for this identity-first approach, supported by SOC/SIEM integration, providing organizations with world-class MDR plus identity and security correlations to protect against sophisticated attacks.”

SolCyber MDR++ distinguishes itself with a human-led response model centered around a Security Operations Center (SOC) staffed exclusively by Level 2+ analysts. This approach ensures unparalleled threat detection and response, leading to reduced false positives and precise actions to contain attacks.

“Our SOC stands at the forefront of our services, leveraging AI and automation to enhance efficiency while our analysts remain actively engaged in response efforts,” McCrady continued. “This blend of technology and human expertise ensures effective responses to evolving threats and delivers an exceptional customer experience.”

Key features of SolCyber MDR++ include:

  • Active Directory Assessment: Annual assessment to minimize attack surfaces and reduce the risks of identity abuse, with practical recommendations for enhancing security posture over time.
  • Expertise On-Demand: Every customer is assigned a dedicated team, including a customer success manager and analyst, for personalized support and guidance.
  • Integrated Identity-First SIEM: Build user profiles across all 500+ supported technologies to detect anomalous behaviors, credential abuse, and other advanced attacks.
  • Program Flexibility: Effortlessly upgrade to comprehensive Foundational Coverage as business needs evolve, supporting various compliance regulations and risk mitigation strategies.

Additionally, SolCyber MDR++ includes bundled licensing for leading Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions from CrowdStrike and SentinelOne, facilitating seamless deployment and day one protection policies to enhance system security and enable real-time threat response.

We’re pleased to incorporate SolCyber MDR++ into our cybersecurity offerings as an excellent entry point for our customers. MDR is essential for most organizations, but SolCyber takes it to the next level with proactive support and endpoint attack assurance,” said Marco Hermosura, Head of Alliances & Partnerships at DysrupIT.

For more information about SolCyber MDR++ and other cybersecurity solutions, please visit SolCyber MDR++.

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