SolCyber Joins Forces with DNSFilter to Bring DNS Security to Businesses Worldwide

SolCyber Joins Forces with DNSFilter to Bring DNS Security to Businesses Worldwide

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Threat protection leader is the latest addition to the modern MSSP’s program, delivering comprehensive DNS-layer security in minutes

Dallas, TX. – May 11, 2023 – SolCyber today announced a new partnership with DNSFilter to simplify DNS security for small to mid-sized organizations across the globe. As part of the engagement, DNFilter’s threat protection solution will be bundled into SolCyber’s foundational and extended coverage managed security programs.

“SolCyber and DNSFilter are both on a mission to make it easier for employers to protect their business and employees from threats on the internet,” said Carl Levine, Sales Engineer, DNSFilter. “The DNS-layer is ripe for exploitation from a hacker’s perspective, so protection is an essential part of the security stack. Now SolCyber customers have a simple way to deploy a DNS threat protection and content filtering solution in minutes.”

SolCyber offers businesses a fully managed security program delivered as-a-service. The program provides enterprise-strength security tools, including ransomware assessment, vulnerability management, Active Directory (AD) assessment and hardening, email protection, endpoint detection and response (EDR), user behavioral analytics and now DNS protection.

DNSFilter delivers a powerful DNS-layer threat protection and content filtering solution powered by machine learning. The solution protects organizations from phishing, malware, and other advanced internet-based threats.

“There are more than 3,500 security vendors to choose from,” said Scott McCrady, CEO, SolCyber. “Our goal is to remove the headache from the selection process, and we believe DNSFilter is the best choice for DNS protection. Their offering is accurate, reliable, easy to deploy and aligns with our modern approach to cybersecurity. We’re glad to have them on board as a technology partner and are excited about the value they bring our customers.”

DNSFilter is the latest technology partner to join SolCyber’s fully managed security program. Existing partners include SentinelOne for EDR, Securonix for user behavioral analytics, Purple Knight for AD assessment and hardening, and more.

To learn more about DNSFilter’s threat prevention and content filtering capabilities, visit https://www.dnsfilter.com/features.

To learn more about how SolCyber’s Foundational Coverage solution, visit www.solcyber.com.

About SolCyber

SolCyber, a Forgepoint Capital company, is the first modern MSSP that provides a fully managed security program that is subscription-based. SolCyber delivers a curated stack of enterprise-strength security tools and services that are streamlined, accessible, and affordable for any organization. We believe in a secure environment for all and are committed to reducing cyber risk, wastage, and complexity. SolCyber is disrupting the status quo by setting a new standard for managed security services. To learn more about our offerings, visit solcyber.com or follow us at @SolCyberMss or on LinkedIn.

About DNSFilter

DNSFilter is redefining how organizations secure their largest threat vector: the Internet itself. DNSFilter is making the internet safer and workplaces more productive. In 2022 the threat protection leader blocked 9.1 billion threats, more than any other threat detection software globally. With 70% of attacks involving the Domain Name System (DNS) layer, DNSFilter provides DNS security powered by machine learning that uniquely identifies 61% more threats than competitors on an average of seven days earlier, including zero-day attacks.

Over 26 million monthly users trust DNSFilter to protect them from phishing, malware, and advanced cyber threats. DNSFilter’s brands include Webshrinker, it’s next generation web categorization software and Guardian, a consumer app focused on privacy protection. DNSFilter.com.

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