SolCyber and Carahsoft Forge Alliance to Expedite CMMC Compliance for Defense Contractors 

SolCyber and Carahsoft Forge Alliance to Expedite CMMC Compliance for Defense Contractors 

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Partnership Unveils Groundbreaking Initiative: A Managed Cybersecurity Program to Accelerate CMMC Certification for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB)

DALLAS and RESTON, Va. May 21, 2024 — SolCyber and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, proudly announce the launch of their groundbreaking initiative: The CMMC Readiness Program. This comprehensive managed cybersecurity initiative is specifically designed to empower organizations within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) to streamline and stay ahead of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements.

“Having served in various capacities within the national security and cybersecurity realm, I’m genuinely excited about the collaboration between SolCyber and Carahsoft,” said General Keith Alexander (Ret.) and SolCyber board director. “This initiative holds immense promise in empowering defense contractors with innovative solutions like the CMMC Readiness Program. It’s a significant step towards bolstering our nation’s cyber defense capabilities and ensuring the security of our critical infrastructure.”

“The CMMC Readiness Program represents a major step forward in our commitment to enhancing the cybersecurity posture of organizations within the Defense Industrial Base,” said Scott McCrady, CEO at SolCyber. “We are confident that our partnership with Carahsoft will amplify the impact to the DIB, providing defense contractors with the tools they need to navigate the complex security landscape of CMMC certification.”

In response to the escalating cyber threats faced by defense contractors, SolCyber has developed the Foundational Coverage GOV Edition service. This tailored approach to cybersecurity provides a robust solution, ensuring that organizations can meet a significant portion of CMMC requirements efficiently and effectively within the CMMC Readiness Program.

As the CMMC deadline approaches in 2026, businesses in the defense sector are confronted with a critical 12 to 18-month window to prepare for Level 2 certification. Urgency is paramount, as non-compliance with CMMC regulations could lead to exclusion from crucial Government contracts. Swift action is imperative to secure compliance and a competitive edge in a landscape where cybersecurity readiness is non-negotiable for sustained success.

Key Features of SolCyber’s Foundational Coverage GOV Edition services within the CMMC Readiness Program include:

  • Compliant Infrastructure and Processes: SolCyber’s Security Operations Center (SOC), its processes and all the tools included with the service follow CMMC guidelines including hosting in GovCloud and/or FedRAMP® certification where applicable. No need to evaluate, negotiate and purchase tools separately.
  • Expert Guidance: SolCyber’s team of cybersecurity experts will provide personalized support throughout the certification journey, assisting organizations in navigating the complexities of the CMMC framework.
  • A Single Managed Security Provider: SolCyber can provide a comprehensive security program for an organization’s CMMC environment or subsidiary and across its commercial business. This helps organizations reduce risk and stay compliant across their entire business.
  • Continuous Alignment: As CMMC requirements are not fully finalized, the service will be updated on a continuous basis to maintain compliance.

“Carahsoft is excited to collaborate with SolCyber and our reseller partners on the launch of the CMMC Readiness Program,” said Alex Whitworth, CMMC Solutions Vertical Executive at Carahsoft. “We are confident that this partnership will increase the cyber posture of the DIB, providing defense contractors with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of CMMC certification.”

SolCyber’s solutions are available through Carahsoft’s NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement #AR2472. For more information, contact the SolCyber Carahsoft team at (844) 445-5688 or SolCyber@carahsoft.com; or read this blog post to learn more about how SolCyber recommends businesses prepare for CMMC 2.0 certification.

About SolCyber
SolCyber, a Forgepoint Capital company, is the first modern Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) that provides a fully managed security program that is subscription-based. SolCyber delivers a curated stack of enterprise-strength security tools and services that are streamlined, accessible, and affordable for any organization. We believe in a secure environment for all and are committed to reducing cyber risk, wastage, and complexity. SolCyber is disrupting the status quo by setting a new standard for human-led managed security services. To learn more about our offerings, visit us at www.solcyber.com or follow us at @SolCyberMss or on LinkedIn.

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About Carahsoft’s Cybersecurity Solutions Portfolio

Carahsoft’s Cybersecurity solutions portfolio includes leading and emerging technology vendors that enable organizations to defend against cyber threats, manage risk and achieve compliance. Supported by dedicated Cybersecurity product specialists and an extensive ecosystem of resellers, integrators and service providers, we help organizations identify the right technology for unique environments and provide access to technology solutions through our broad portfolio of contract vehicles. The cybersecurity portfolio spans solutions for Supply Chain Risk Management, Cloud Security, Network & Infrastructure, Identity & Access Management, Risk & Compliance and more, ensuring comprehensive protection for organizations’ cyber ecosystems. Explore Carahsoft’s Cybersecurity Solutions for Government here.

About Carahsoft
Carahsoft Technology Corp. is The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider, supporting Public Sector organizations across Federal, State and Local Government agencies and Education and Healthcare markets. As the Master Government Aggregator® for our vendor partners, we deliver solutions for Cybersecurity, MultiCloud, DevSecOps, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Open Source, Customer Experience and Engagement and more. Working with resellers, systems integrators and consultants, our sales and marketing teams provide industry leading IT products, services and training through hundreds of contract vehicles. Visit us at www.carahsoft.com.

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