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SolCyber Launches Modern MSSP with $20 Million in Series A Funding Led by Forgepoint Capital

July 30, 2021

First-of-its-Kind MSSP Delivers a Different Approach to Combat Malicious Activity for the Mid-Market

Dallas, TX - July 29, 2021 - SolCyber today launched as the first modern MSSP for the mid-market, enabling organizations to prevent, monitor and respond to cybersecurity threats with its unique, curated and high fidelity security approach. The company also announced $20 million in Series A funding, led by Forgepoint Capital. Spearheaded by an experienced team of cybersecurity and channel experts, SolCyber will use this investment to extend its technology offerings, build market awareness, drive customer growth and support an aggressive hiring strategy.

The dramatic increase in cybersecurity and ransomware attacks such as Colonial Pipeline and Kaseya REvil prove attackers don’t discriminate based on an organization's size. Hackers use the same advanced techniques no matter the target, making it extremely difficult for mid-market organizations with limited resources and budgets to be in control. Unlike competitive offerings, SolCyber immediately uplifts a company's security posture to a level that can combat advanced threats.

“We know it is hard for mid-sized organizations to stay secure. There are thousands of security technologies and hundreds of providers. Trying to figure out how to build the right security stack is tough and time consuming. With attacks being ever more sophisticated we want to help simplify the challenge of securing an organization,” stated Scott McCrady, CEO. “We founded SolCyber to help companies significantly increase the probability of stopping attackers well before they wreak havoc. SolCyber delivers a modern and secure MSSP for the mid-market, giving organizations not only the technology but the cybersecurity expertise to dramatically increase their security posture in an incredibly easy to consume model. We are thrilled to partner with Forgepoint and look forward to our next phase of growth.”

In today’s dynamic environment and pervasive threat landscape, companies are very  concerned about increasing their security posture. Through decades of conversations with customers, SolCyber recognizes that companies typically look for the top five things they can do to be more secure. However it’s extremely difficult to navigate today’s array of cybersecurity vendors for the best combined solution for their environment, especially as attackers are becoming more sophisticated. SolCyber addresses this challenge by providing security solutions in a high value foundational offering. It delivers a curated technology stack including endpoint with EDR capabilities, lateral movement detection, advanced email security and active directory and admin exploitation prevention, wrapped in an MSSP Offering. SolCyber enables organizations to scale their security with ease.

“We are dedicated to investing in companies that protect the digital future,” stated Don Dixon, Managing Director, Forgepoint Capital. “Over the years we’ve spoken with hundreds of cybersecurity companies and end users. And one thing remains the same, cybersecurity for the mid-market is confusing and expensive, and today’s MSSPs are not addressing these issues. This presents a huge opportunity for SolCyber.

SolCyber, which was incubated at Forgepoint, is a user-friendly, cloud based MSSP that delivers powerful cybersecurity solutions which keep companies and their employees safe from malicious activity. We are thrilled to partner with Scott McCrady, David Emerson and the entire SolCyber team as they launch the next phase of the company’s growth.”

Rizek Group,  one of the largest and most prominent diversified business groups in the Dominican Republic partnered with SolCyber to increase its security posture around email, endpoint and active directory service. Jose Michelen, Senior Partner Alpha, AFP Crecer, Seguros Crecer, Gam Capital, stated, “We were immediately impressed with SolCyber’s unique approach and how they’ve integrated a curated technology stack into their MSSP service. That combined with the company's 24X7 support made it an easy decision to work with SolCyber. We look forward to expanding our relationship to help meet the cybersecurity requirements of our organizations.“

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About SolCyber

SolCyber, a Forgepoint company, is the first modern MSSP to deliver a curated stack of enterprise strength security tools and services that are streamlined, accessible and affordable for any organization. SolCyber is disrupting the status quo, by providing a new standard of managed security services that work to reduce cyber risk, wastage and complexity. We believe in a secure environment for all. For more information about SolCyber, visit or follow us at @SolCyberMss or on LinkedIn

About Forgepoint Capital

Forgepoint Capital is the premier cybersecurity venture fund investing in transformative companies protecting the digital world. The firm is one of the most prolific investors in early and growth stage cybersecurity companies with over 40 global cybersecurity investments. The team brings more than eight decades of company building, value creation experience and draws upon the largest network of trusted cybersecurity industry experts and customers to support entrepreneurs who are building great companies. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the firm partners with exceptional cybersecurity entrepreneurs worldwide.  For more information, please visit or follow us @ForgePointCap.

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