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SolCyber Joins MSSP Alert’s list of Top 250 MSSPs for 2021

September 24, 2021
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Hwei Oh
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We are excited to announce that SolCyber has made MSSP Alert’s list of Top 250 MSSP. Fresh off our recent Series A announcement several months ago (led by major investor ForgePoint Capital), this is a testament to our efforts and commitment to be the practical and effective MSSP for the mid-market enterprise, cutting through the noise, the buzzwords and serving these organizations where they need it most. 

The threat landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years, and call us crazy, but we believe new and modern threats require a new and modern approach to protection. This approach needs to work for everyone, however the current solutions provided by many MSPs and MSSPs, often leave small and mid-sized businesses in the lurch because they are difficult, convoluted and costly.

Our approach in providing a curated technology stack supported by our unflappable SolCyber crew and simple price per-user, is aimed to help any business bolster their cybersecurity resilience with minimal effort.

About The Top 250 List

The list of Top 250 MSSPs for 2021 rankings and research report was developed by MSSP Alert, published by After Nines Inc, and are based on MSSP Alert’s readership survey, global editorial cover, research of MSSPs, types of mitigated attacks, and vendor relationships. 

Additional ranking factors include the MSSPs:

  • ARR
  • Profitability
  • Growth Rate
  • Headcount
  • Managed Security Services offered
  • Third-party industry honors

This marks the fifth year this research report has been published and highlights major advancements in the MSSP field. MSSP Alert looked at various offerings from each of the MSSPs in their Top 250 list to get a sense of the services these top performers are providing. 

Here are a few highlights from their research:

  • 91% provide an endpoint detection and response (EDR) service
  • 91% provide vulnerability assessment & management services
  • 78% provide threat intelligence services
  • 77% provide intrusion detection services
  • 76% provide Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Services
  • 72% provide Endpoint protection platform (EPP)

SolCyber is proud to say that we provide these services for all of our clients in our Foundational Coverage but more importantly provide additional capabilities that protect our customers from today’s most advanced threats. We address human risk with phishing simulations and training, deploy a dedicated Active Directory protection service and also run a periodic ransomware assessment.

What We’re Looking to Accomplish At SolCyber

SolCyber is a different kind of MSSP and firmly believes that cyber resilience is achievable for every organization. We’re looking to instill a minimum effective dose of security to provide foundational coverage for the mid-market enterprise who have historically been underserved by MSSPs; and to bring confidence back to SMEs that are feeling overwhelmed by how quickly the attack landscape is evolving. 

We want to provide the right level of security protection and coverage these organizations need, not bombard them with buzzwords and a bloated tech stack. At SolCyber, we don’t just take over your existing environment, but we bring everything that’s needed to keep you safe. 

To learn more about our mission and how we came to be, check out this blog post by ForgePoint Capital.

We’re thankful to MSSP Alert for recognizing our efforts and we’re excited for new developments in the coming months and years.

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