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Welcome to SolCyber: the Modern MSSP

July 23, 2021
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Scott McCrady
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Welcome to SolCyber. We’re an MSSP that does things a little differently. The threat landscape has changed dramatically in the last several years. And call us crazy, but we believe new and modern threats require a new and modern approach to protection. And this approach needs to work for everyone. However, the current solutions provided by many MSPs and MSSPs, often leave small and mid-sized businesses vulnerable. So does an MSSP that believes cybersecurity should make you resilient but shouldn’t be difficult, convoluted or costly sound interesting? If so, then please read on!

Just a few years back, hackers used different strategies to infiltrate businesses of different sizes. Simple methods were used to hack into small businesses and more advanced techniques were used to break into larger organizations with more robust security. But in recent years, hackers have become more sophisticated and efficient with their time, and they’re using the same strategies on companies large and small, meaning smaller businesses need a similar level of protection as Fortune 100 companies.

But smaller businesses can’t afford that level of protection, even though security breaches can be more devastating for these organizations. And we don’t think that’s fair. We believe you’re either covered or you’re not. We also believe that coverage shouldn’t cost a billion dollars.

So, we’re here to ensure that every business has a comprehensive defense strategy and the tools needed to make their organization resilient.

Where things are breaking down

Most MSSPs today are making some big assumptions. Namely, that you have a deep understanding of the kill chain, the latest methods to exploit it, and the types of protection required at each point. They also assume you have time to weed through the approximately 3,500 security vendors to find the right combination of tools to hand off to your MSSP to monitor. Even if you can weed through the noise and identify a set of technologies to adopt, you’ll need to negotiate contracts, implement solutions, and make sure they work well together, leaving you vulnerable (and overworked) in the meantime.

We don’t make those assumptions, and we don’t think it’s fair to put all that work on you. We know security and we’d like to help you increase your security posture with a tech stack that protects your organization at the minimum price point. Simple.

Where SolCyber is doing things differently

Rather than asking you to come to us with security products, we bring a curated tech stack to you. We know which areas need the most protection and visibility and we know which tools work well together to provide you with comprehensive foundational coverage. This prescribed approach allows your dedicated SolCyber security analysts to detect and respond to threats in the most effective and efficient way possible.

If you need additional coverage, great, we’ll get it for you. But we’re not going to hand over a bloated tech stack for the sake of making a few extra bucks. We provide maximum coverage for minimum spend. If you already have relationships with vendors that you’d like us to manage, we can do that too.

As a modern MSSP, we also think it’s time to update the way you pay. You’ll pay per user per month just like with all your other non-security vendors—because we don’t want to be the problem child.

In short, when you work with SolCyber, we come to the table with the technology, services and expertise to immediately protect your business from all cyberattacks. And we come to that table in a relaxed and super approachable fashion.

Cyber resilience is achievable for every organization. So if you’re tired of doing half the work your current MSSP should be doing or you’re nervous about gaps in your security posture or you’re just confused about what a SOC, XDR, MSP or MSSP is, we’d like to help. Drop us a note telling us about your current security posture—or lack thereof—and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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